What is Qigong?

What is Qi? (chi)

Electro-magnetic Energy that flows through the body

What is Gong?

Hard Work or Consistent Daily Practice

What is Qigong?

Self Mastery of Life Force


What is Medical Qigong?

Daoist/Buddhist Psychology & Spiritual Anatomy

 utilizing breathing, meditation, exercise and self-massage to heal bones, joints and internal organs.


What is Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong?

  1. 14 exercises to stimulate acu-meridians
  2. Standing and walking meditations
  3. Anti-Aging Facial, Ear & self-massage
  4. Gu qigong – herb and food therapy
  5. Bigu – fasting qigong
  6. Spiritual qigong – Psycho-puncture
  7. Musical qigong – Tono-puncture
  8. Shamanic qigong – spiral dancing


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Mornings, evenings and weekends

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