What is Qigong?

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong combines breathing, meditation and exercise in an hour daily practice.
It is the root of Chinese medicine. Medical qigong:

  • Cosmic Qi Gong – breathing, absorbing environmental Qi
  • Postural and Walking meditations, Insight Meditation
  • 14 Exercises to stimulate 20 Acu-meridians
  • Qigong Self-Massage – Ear, Face & Meridian massage
  • Gu Qi Gong – Herb/Food therapy & Bigu – fasting qigong
  • Music Qi Gong – Healing sounds, & Spiral dancing
  • Shamanic QiGong – Psycho-puncture & emotional release
  • Sexual Qi Gong – 3 Treasures qigong

Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong lineage holder, Dr. George X. Love (ZenWu), is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Licensed Acupuncture Physician


  • 14 exercises to stimulate acu-meridians
  • Standing and walking meditations
  • Anti-Aging Facial, Ear & self-massage
  • Gu Qigong – herb and food therapy
  • Bigu Qigong – Fasting therapy
  • Emotional Qigong – Psycho-puncture
  • Musical Qigong – Tono-puncture
  • Shamanic Qigong – spiral dancing

Medical Qigong is Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy is better than acupuncture and includes heat pressure, suctions, scraping, soundwaves, light, laser, electricity, magnets and by the way…. Pin point therapy.

Legally all of these methods are called acupuncture, but this is a non-descriptive term that gives no understanding of the science or methodology.

Dr Love performs Meridian therapy in 7 unique ways:

  1. Chinese Medical Massage as a diagnostic technique
  2. Painless pin insertion and breathing exercises
  3. Psycho-puncture to resolve stagnant Qi
  4. Tuina Neck massage to increase function of brain and nervous system
  5. TMJ adjustment and Ear Reflexology
  6. Sacral bone pump and hip flexor stretch to increase low back mobility
  7. Heart chakra Opening

George Xavier Love prescribes:

  • Specific Qigong exercises for self-healing knees, arthritis, neck & shoulder
  • Ear acu-magnet reflexology for pain Juicing and Asian Food therapy for better digestion and energy
  • Herbal medicine tinctures Drum/dance meditation Psycho-pressure for emotional balance

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