What is Qigong?

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong combines breathing, meditation and exercise in an hour daily practice.
It is the root of Chinese medicine. Medical qigong:

  • Cosmic Qi Gong – breathing, absorbing environmental Qi
  • Postural and Walking meditations, Insight Meditation
  • 14 Exercises to stimulate 20 Acu-meridians
  • Qigong Self-Massage – Ear, Face & Meridian massage
  • Gu Qi Gong – Herb/Food therapy & Bigu – fasting qigong
  • Music Qi Gong – Healing sounds, & Spiral dancing
  • Shamanic QiGong – Psycho-puncture & emotional release
  • Sexual Qi Gong – 3 Treasures qigong

Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong lineage holder, Dr. George X. Love (ZenWu), is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Licensed Acupuncture Physician


  • 14 exercises to stimulate acu-meridians
  • Standing and walking meditations
  • Anti-Aging Facial, Ear & self-massage
  • Gu Qigong – herb and food therapy
  • Bigu Qigong – Fasting therapy
  • Emotional Qigong – Psycho-puncture
  • Musical Qigong – Tono-puncture
  • Shamanic Qigong – spiral dancing
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