QiMD-200 hr teacher training






5 Levels – Each level has 12 lessons

  • Qi Medicine Dance – Rhythmic Joint exercise & CV health
  • Qi Meditation Drumming – TCM Anatomy Tapping
  • Qi Movement Diagnosis – TCM Exercise Physiology
  • Qi Massage Detox – Muscle changing Marrow washing
  • Qi Meridian Defense – TCM Physiotherapy

15 Certifications that provide marketable skills


Qigong Fitness Instructor Certification

  • Qi Fitness Training – uses rotational exercise for strength building
  • External Exercises with balls, batons, sticks and Bo-Staff
  • Qi Dance Certification – Qi Fit for Kids of all ages

Medical Qigong Instructor – 14 Internal Exercises for 20 Acu-meridians

  • TaiYoga for Senior Balance– Chair, Cane, and water exercises
  • Walking and Standing Meditation for balance and coordination
  • Qigong Breathing Certificate for Asthma
  • Reverse Aging Certificate of Completion
  • Ear Reflexology Certificate of Completion
  • Food Therapy Certification
  • 21 Days to Wellness Detox Certification

Chinese Medicine Exercise Physiology Certification

  • Meridians and Major points connecting to Muscles and Tendons,
  • Anatomy & Physiology Psycho-somatic and psycho-emotional
  • Lymphatic Exercise Certificate of Completion
  • Testing Blood pressure, sugar, perfusion, heart rate, respiration

Medical Qigong Physiotherapist certification

  • Meridian Qigong Therapy to increase organ and brain Blood flow
  • Qi Cups, paida, light, magnets, moxa, ice, and sound therapy
  • Qi Emission therapy

IN PERSON Teacher Training Course provided one weekend per month,

Or Five 10 day intensives @  $1200 each

200 hours academic Fee is $5695.00 in full

or $1200 every 3 months

or $497/month for 15 months.

Supplies, books, and uniforms are extra.

Room and food are extra.




Medical Qigong Healer Certification

  • Principles of Purification and Detoxification
  • Juice Feasting Certificate of Completion
  • Raw Food Prep Certificate of Completion
  • Asian Food Therapy Certificate of Completion
  • Acupressure for Emotional Eating Certificate of Completion
  • Success Dream Programming Certificate of Completion
  • Herbal Tonics – Hormones, Immune, and Adaptogens

Shamanic Qigong – cultivating Spiritual Alchemy

  • Scholar Warrior – medicine teacher, spirit warrior
  • Water, Fire and Crystal Meditation
  • Sexual Wisdom & Buddhist Tantra


Online Lessons are provided LIVE via Skype every two weeks –

Recorded if you miss a class. Testing- video demonstration of skill set.

First 2 Levels Course Fees – payment plan $299/month for ten months

Level 2 Certification additional Fees apply for 5 Day Intensive

Discount for pre-payment – Prices subject to change

Contact us today to find out how you can begin training in Medical QiGong | 561.502.6200