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Purpose of 4 Doors to Dao School of Self-Healing

red chi handThe purpose of the 4 Doors to Dao School of Self-Healing is to credentialize those people who are knowledgeable and have been working in any field of Nutrition, Bodywork, Emotional or Spiritual counseling.

Many people call themselves Holistic Practitioners and if Holism is defined as integrating the Body, Mind and Spirit then by definition they are not Holistic. There are four layers of the Bio-body suit; the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies.

4 Doors to Health University accepts students in three categories; Self-healing, Prevention and Therapy. The students or Retreatants only commit two months for Self-Healing, 3 months for Prevention and 5 months to learn the Therapeutic applications. This adds up to 200 hours the first year. The second year they can specialize in one Door with 500 hours of study.

Nutrition is the foundation of the Physical.

The Physical is the vehicle for the Spirit and is expressed through the Emotions.

Nutritional Door


Nutritional Healing is the best of Macrobiotics, Pritikin, Gerson, Natural Hygiene, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Chinese Dietetics. The basic building blocks of your blood, bone and tissue come from exactly what you eat. If you were going to build a house would you use el-cheapo materials or would you use the highest quality sheetrock etc.?

Dr. Love has spent thirty years studying the proper methods of eating starting with indigenous people and ancient civilizations. It is one thing to prescribe supplements and another to write out a therapeutic diet and quite another to teach you how to prepare the food. There is no other program that teaches how to shop and store the food along with the cutting, seasoning and preparation. Dr. Love’s Food therapy is an easy to learn practical application of whole and live foods to supply all necessary nutrients for growth and tissue repair. Herbal Nutrition promotes culinary herbs and spices as medicine.

Physical Door


The Physical Door teaches you how to generate and cultivate Qi (chi) to preserve health and prolong life. Qi is the electro-magnetic energy that circulates through your body like blood flows through the veins. This Qi is a self-created medicine from genetic predisposition, sunlight, fresh air, food and water. Making your own medicine is a new concept in the West.

Self-Massage as a way of generating healing and rejuvenating energy is well documented but not understood. Qi Gong is also well documented but not well known in the West. People in the West far too often deplete their energy creating adrenal exhaustion or chronic fatigue syndrome. Dao Yin is the method of conserving Qi to prevent and reverse this trend. Our Motto is, “Nourish your Essence, Cultivate your Qi and Preserve your Body.”

Qi Gong is a combination of breathing, meditation and exercise. It is method of generating energy through breath and movement to build the immune system and strengthen joints and internal organs. Although this method can be very complicated Dr. Love has managed to simplify these movements into a diagnostic and treatment profile with a daily routine of ten to forty minutes.

Emotional Door


Psycho-puncture Diagnosis is part of the Emotional Door. Emotions play a big part in Health and Healing. In Japan Cancer is called an emotional disease. Anger/Rage injures the liver, Fear/Anxiety injures the kidney, Grief injures the lungs, Sadness/Loneliness inures the heart and worry injures the spleen. We call these the Seven Deadly emotions. We also learn about the 3 demons, 3 poisons, 6 energy thieves and 4 Heart Hurts that put us into denial.

They affect the five Yin organs that are part of 5 Element Medicine on which Traditional Chinese Medicine is based. The sexual organs are considered part of the Liver but the endocrine glands and the hormones they secrete are considered part of the kidney. It is no wonder that sexual dysfunction is based upon unexpressed emotions. Are not hidden fears and anxiety part of your makeup along with suppressed anger and resentment?

Psycho-pressure is a tapping method that breaks neural patterns of addiction. It eliminates limiting of expression of self-love. Dr. Love employs this method of emotional release as therapy.

We also use ecstatic dancing for Emotional Release that Dr. Love calls the Dance of Wisdom. He uses Qigong exercises in addition for specific emotional imbalances.

Spiritual Door


SPIRITUAL ANATOMY is the correspondence between the Hindu system of Chakras, the the triple heater, the three elixir fields and circulation of spiritual energy through the Taiji pole. These also correspond to the endocrine system. Understand these three systems will enable you to open your spiritual channels.

MEDITATION is hard for many people. Drumming is a way to connect to the inner voice and disconnect from outer demons. Drumming in harmony with others is way a realization that we are all one.Prayer is talking to G-D and meditation is listening to G-D. We teach you how to use both to maintain a constant communication with G-D.

SOUL RETRIEVAL DANCE is a way of bringing your energy from the sacral bone up to the seat of the soul located at the base of the skull. It opens the 7 steps to heaven.

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