Medical qigong Certification

What is Qigong? – A moving meditation, Medical Qigong is a set of 14 exercises corresponding to the Acupuncture meridian that are performed in sequence to increase the flow of Qi through the body to increase the function of the immune system and to promote long life.


Qigong Instructor Certification – 100 hours

Moving Meditation & Breathing Exercises – 12 hours
Qi Gong Self-Massage & Ear Reflexology – 18 hours
Qigong Ball, Bo-Staff & Baton – 28 hours
14 Meridian Exercises – 42 hours

Certification Fee – $1800 or $400 x 5 months

Qigong Therapist – 200 hours

Qi Emission Therapy – 10 hours
Psycho-puncture/ Psycho-pressure – 18 hours
Acu-pressure & Meridian therapies #2-4 – 52 hours
Sound Healing & Tono-Puncture & Meridian therapies #6-8 – 20 hours

Certification Fee – $1800 or $400 x 5 months

Level I –Qigong Player

Standing, Moving & Breathing Exercises
Qi Gong Self-Massage & Ear Reflexology
Tea cup Qigong, Circle Walking

Level II – Instructor Certification

14 Exercises
Qi Gong Bo Staff, Taiji Pole, Qi Gong Ball & Baton
Meridian Acu-pressure & Pointing therapy
Qi Emission Exercise

Level III – Qi Healer

Review of 14 Exercises
Sound Healing/Tono-puncture

Level IV – Qi Gong Therapist Certification

Bigu Qigong
Food Therapy
Herbal Nutrition
Meridian therapies


$199 + $99 Testing for each Level Airfare, R&B extra
Early bird discount – $149
Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong lineage holder Zenwu
aka George Love, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, licensed Acupuncture Physician

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Other certification training provided in the future:

QIGONG PLAYER – 18 hours
You will learn
Sources of Energy
Proper stances & Sinking/Rooting your Qi
Microcosmic orbit
Yin/Yang Balance – 9 Complete Breaths
Visualizing Qi
Send Qi with Eyes
Feeling Qi with laogong & yongquan
Feeling Qi in 3 Dantiens
14 Exercises that stimulate Acupuncture Meridians

You will learn
Meridians & Points of 12 Regular & Tendino-Muscular Meridians
8 Extra-Ordinary Meridians
Organ function
6 Healing Sounds
Visualization of Qi Circulation
Anal Rectal Breathing
Qi emisssion

You will master
MEDITATION – Walking, Standing, Sitting
Understanding of Qi & Gong of Human Energy systems
Qi Circulation of Liver, Lung & Kidney
Role of Shen, Qi & Jing
Activating Qi when Cold or Tired
Building Yang Qi
Endocrine/Chakra system
Cultivating Sexual Qi & Retaining Qi
Qi Gong Massage

Benefits of Medical Qigong
Prevents Osteoporosis
Lowers blood pressure
Lowers Cholesterol
Lowers Blood Sugar
Increases Energy
Improves Digestion
Prevents Heart Blockage
Improves Kidney Function
Improves Mental Clarity
Calms & Relaxes Nervous System
Shrinks Tumors

Certification Course-Medical Qi Gong

Introduction 8 hours

TAOYIN – Breath, Posture, Mind, Body- 30 min.
Positioning the body, Proper stances, Sinking/Rooting your Qi-30 min.
Microcosmic orbit, Yin/Yang Balance, Nine Complete Breaths-30 min.
Review of Tendino Muscular Meridians & 8 Extra-Ordinary Meridians- 1 hr.
Exercise 2 & 5 – 30 min.
Exercise 7 & 12 – 30 min.
Q & A – 30 min.
Exercise 1, Exercise 3, Exercise 4- 30 min.
Exercise 6, Exercise 8, Exercise 9– 30 min.
Exercise 10, Exercise 11- 30 min.
Exercise 13, Exercise 14 & review – 30 min.
Complete Play of Qing Long Qi Gong – 45 min.
Feeling Qi in Tantian, Feeling Qi with laogong, Feeling Qi with yongquan, Visualizing Qi, Send Qi with Eyes- 30 min.
MEDITATION – Standing, Walking – 45 min.

FEE- $12.50/hr Group, Private $25/½ hr.

CONTACT – Zhenwu @561-502-6200

What is Qi Gong Therapy?

Practitioners are trained to transmit healing Qi or energy through the hands and eyes. MQT practitioners transmit Qi to release trapped energy in the body and joints relieving pain, stiffness, headache, low energy and sluggish bowels. This transmission of energy is just as powerful as acupuncture and can be used on sensitive patients in lieu of acupuncture or as an adjunct therapy.

How does Qigong Cure Disease?

Qigong has proved effective in treating certain chronic disorders and, as indicated by recent experience in China, is particularly helpful to sufferers from stomach and duodenal ulcers, weak digestion, habitual constipation, neurasthenia and high blood pressure.

The role qigong plays is three-fold:
First, it helps restore vitality. By inducing a state of tranquility, qigong allows the body to restore vital energy, build up disease-resistance and alleviate functional disorders. Physiological experiments show that when a person is in a tranquil state induced by qigong exercise, his cerebral cortex is in an inhibited state, which allays the over-excitation of cortical cells that may result in functional disorders. This may explain why qigong has proved beneficial in the treatment of neurasthenia, hypertension and gastric ulcers, which are all closely connected with the nervous system.

Secondly, it helps conserve energy. Experimental findings indicate that, in the course of performing qigong exercises, oxygen consumption is reduced by 30.7 per cent and energy metabolism by 20 percent.

Thirdly, it massages the abdominal cavity. Qigong, particularly the Internal Training Exercise, produces a massaging effect on the abdominal cavity through the mechanical action of breathing, since the diaphragm moves up and down over a much larger range than usual. Such massaging promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduces the amount of extravasated blood in the abdomen and aids digestion and absorption. This is why one who practices qigong may have a sharpened appetite and put on weight–and also why qigong can cure habitual constipation and stomach stagnation.

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