Connect with the body and understand in order to explore the mind,
the body must be ready.


Dr. George Love, Jr., DOM., founder of LOVE CHINESE MEDICINE is a Florida licensed primary care physician and certified Acupuncture Physician since 1986. He received his Qigong Master certification from Ju Shi Lin Taoist Scholars Council in 1994. He has been a teacher of Blue Dragon Qigong since 1983. He is author of ten self-healing manuals, producer of multiple Qigong videos and radio talk show host for 20 years.  

National Speaker Qi.M.D.

  • Chinese Medicine Physiology & Physiotherapy - includes 2 Levels of Training – Qigong Physiology Instructor for Qi Fit Prevention of adrenal, lung, heart, breast and prostate issues & Qigong Physio-therapist for recovery from Injuries, poor blood perfusion, osteoporosis, Diabesity, and hypertension
  • Food Therapy& Herbal Jing Tonics
  • Ear Reflexology, Anti-Aging & Self Massage with Qi Balls & Batons aka Egyptian Mind Body Science
  • Sexual Stamina Qigong
  • Psycho-Puncturefor Psycho-Somatic & Psycho-Emotional Health
  • Cultural Healing Medicine- Sufi, Afro-Caribbean, Shaolin, Tibetan, Egyptian Yoga
  • Shamanic Qigong & Spiritual Alchemy

National Speaker - 21 Day Green Clean – 14 Day Juice Feast plus 7 days Raw

  • Ongoing Food Therapy with menu planning and cooking Raw
  • Jing Herbal tonics for Hormone Balance
  • Stop smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Addictions
  • Anger Management

National speaker - Tibetan Dream Success Programs – Sleep Rituals, Visualizations & Affirmations

  • Emotional Enema to DEProgram Your OS- Psycho-Emotional Acu-Tapping and Six Healing breaths with Color Visualization
  • ReWrite Your ChP & Reconfigure your APPs to REProgram your OS -
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